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Transplantation and Animal Unit
Stem cells have the capacity to self-renew and differentiate into multiple lineages.
Due to the fact that the analysis of these functions in vitro is almost impossible, they should be tested in vivo.
Therefore animal models and transplantation experiments are the gold standard.
Working with animal models is necessary since HSCs can not be kept in vitro as cell lines and must be freshly isolated from laboratory mice.
We are working to support the 3R's of Reduce, Replace and Refine.
Our expert technical group with years of laboratory experience is maintaining the highest standards for animal care and treatment.

Our responsibilities include:
- organization, management and maintenance of the laboratory mouse colony
- colony setting, crossing strategy, planning and coordination of experiments
- interaction: cooperation partner, export/import

Experimental part
- irradiation
- bone marrow transplantation
- treatment
- manipulation of the mouse embryo

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