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HSCs heterogeneity upon aging

HSCs heterogeneity upon aging

Resolving the number of HSCs and their progeny that actively contribute to hematopoiesis and tracking the contribution of individual HSCs to each of the different blood cell lineages to determine is important to answer the cellular basis for decreased efficiency in tissue homeostasis and thus tissue function in the elderly.
Our hypothesis is that aging reduces clonality, decreases cell turnover and shifts lineage determination of HSCs in part through altered Cdc42 signaling. So our main foucus is to Quantify changes in clonality, lineage determination and HSC turnover upon aging.we will use the barcoding technology to determine the contribution of clonally marked HSCs and their progeny to hematopoiesis upon aging. We are also interested to dissect the contribution of HSC intrinsic versus extrinsic effects as well as the role of Cdc42 activity in altering cellular turnover, clonality and lineage determination upon HSC aging.
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